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Responsive & optimized for freestyle.
Completely with 3d cdi test and on water tests!


Shape for both freestyle and freeride.

Top Quality

By testing the design and shape, and controlling the products berfore selling, we ensure top quality.


Drawn 3D-Cad testes in CDI presure and flow simulator, and thereafter cut out in g10 glass by CNC technology .


Profile has an obtuse head to prevent spinouts, create a more controlled slide, and higher top end speed.

ECO Friendly

During the production of our fin, and especially the cutting process, the excess G10 material is recycled and reused. .


MS-Weed20 is made in G10, which makes the fin super impact resitant and stiff.


MS-Weed20 is our beginner freestyle weedfin, designed for the surfers who want to learn how to do their first freemoves. The fin has a lot of grip and can easyli be used for freeride on boards up to around 120ltrs as well.

  • Easy pop for first moves
  • Good grip for control
  • Great stability for learning
  • Early planning
  • High top end speed
  • Profile which allows choppy waters


more info coming soon

Pictures in action

MS-Weed20 pictures in action