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Responsive & optimized for freestyle.
Completely with 3d cdi test and on water tests!


Shaped for extreme pop, with more grip and speed to optimize the performance.

Top Quality

By testing the design and shape, and controlling the products berfore selling, we ensure top quality.


Drawn 3D-Cad testes in CDI presure and flow simulator, and thereafter cut out in g10 glass by CNC technology .


Profile has an obtuse head to prevent spinouts, and a flowline that keeps the drag as low as possible .

ECO Friendly

During the production of our fin, and especially the cutting process, the excess G10 material is recycled and reused. .


MS-2 is made in G10, which makes the fin super impact resitant and stiff.


MS-2 is our pro freestyle fin, designed for the newest power, slide and combo moves. The fin has a lot of grip in the top, making it perfect for new school power moves, and makes it easier to get ready for double moves. Opposite the fin has less grip in the bottom, making it easy to slide and therefore ideal for learning and performing sliding moves.

  • Insane pop for power moves
  • Good grip for double moves
  • Great looseness for slide moves
  • Early planning
  • High top end speed
  • Profile which allows choppy waters


MS-2 is our newest pro freestyle fin and is a development of MS-1. The special design of the fin allows it to perform power, sliding and double moves. It has increased surface area at the top, which generates greater pop, and gives it better upwind capabilities. This makes it great for new school power moves, and makes it easier to get ready for double moves. The special curve at the top front of the fin, gives added pop for set off and control when landing, which also plays a huge factor for double or triple moves. The bottom of the fin is made narrower, to easier enable a controlled slide, while the fin is still long enough to be working in choppy waters. The transition of the shape in the front of the fin helps increasing the speed, and the sliding capabilities of the fin. The profile of the fin is made more obtuse, reducing the risk of spinout, creating a more controlled slide, and improving the top end speed.

MS-2 is produced using the latest CNC precession cutting technology, in a strong and durable G10 material. This makes it a super strong, stiff, and durable fin. G10 will also allow you the hit bottom, without bigger damage on the fin. Alongside this, the visual design is implemented into the actual production process, which assures the paint won’t easily scratch of, when hitting the bottom or laying in sand. During the process of making the fin, many hours goes toward testing and controlling, this guarantees quality is in top, and that the fin performs as desired.

Pictures in action

MS-2 pictures in action