Freestyle Fins


MS-1 is our pro freestyle fin, and our research have been given it more pop, earlier planning, and higher speed than ever. The fin really allows everything from initial sliding moves to extreme power moves, which makes it ideal for any level freestyle.

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MS-2 is our newest pro freestyle fin, and our research have been given it more grip and speed. More info is coming soon.

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MS-Weed is our pro freestyle weed fin, with lots of pop, early planning, and high top end speed. It has been designed, to feel a lot like our regular freestyle fin, but with added capability of freestyle performance in waters with lots of seagrass.

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MS-Weed is our beginner freestyle/freemove weed fin, with lots of control, early planning, and an easy learning for the first few freestyle moves. More info coming soon.

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If you have a wish to have your old fin reshaped, please send us a request with the specifications of your fin and your wishes regarding the reshape. We can also reshape damaged fins, to either the original shape, or into a new custom shape of your desires.

Process steps in our production

  • Idea

    We create ideas on the water, searching for optimizing learning, style and abilities
  • Design

    We design our fins in 3D-CAD software, which makes it possible to make the details super accurate.
  • Development

    By changing small details after tests, and sending it back in testing again, we are ending up with an optimized fin.
  • Testing

    We are CDI testing, to see how the pressure and flow influrence the fin, while going upwind, downwind, popping, and landing.
  • Distribution

    It is important for us to allow you to get hold on our fins after all of ours optimization process