Welcome Nicolai Frandsen to the team

Welcome on the team, Nicolai Frandsen

We are stoked to welcome Nicolai Frandsen on the team, as one of our testers. He is co-owner of MS Windsurf, and responsible for the marketing and sales departments of MS Windsurf. He is passionate, hardworking, and always in a good mood.

Nicolai is a freestyle windsurfer, with 3 years instructing experience. He windsurfs in many different places and conditions making him very suitable for testing the fins.

We are happy to announce a new team member, Nicolai Frandsen whose role primarily will be as one of our fin testers. He is one of the founders and owners of MS Windsurf. He has windsurfed for 5 years, and been freestyling for almost 3 years. He’s a very happy person, and very passionate about windsurfing and especially freestyling. He has evolved a lot over the few years he has done freestyle. After just 3 years he does moves like onehaned spock, frontshuvit, puneta and eslider. In the first years, he windsurfed he sailed freerace, but now he does mostly freestyle and some wave sailing. Nicolai windsurfs on a fanatic skate and with GA pure sails. Besides surfing Nicolai also likes mountain biking and chilling with his friends. Before the foundation of MS Windsurf, Nicolai worked the summer as a windsurfing instructor and sold windsurf equipment in Bork Havn, Denmark. He lives in Esbjerg where he also studies Business Administration at the University of Southern Denmark. One of the advantages of having him on the team as a fin tester, is that he’s surfing a lot and in many diffidence spots and condition, making sure our products get tested in various conditions. Stay tuned as he will soon do a review of our fins.