NEW MS-1 Freestyle Fin

Working on a new freestyle fin

We are stoked to announce that we are working on a new freestyle fin, with a innovative, new and speciel shape, which we have developed for creating a fin optimized for both power, double and slide-moves. We got the prototypes home, and are doing the final testing on the water, before production begins. Preordering MS-1 is now possible in our webshop.

MS-1 is our new freestyle fin, specially designed for top freestyle maneuvers and for helping anyone to esier learn the moves in all conditions. The first impressions of the MS-1 are great, it performs in both choppy and flat conditions.

The new MS-1 is ready for test on the water. Our initial design was a bamboo core fiberglass fin. It was run through surface pressure and flow test. The fin was super cool, but during the on-water testing we discovered that it was not very durable, which is why we now decided to make our fins in super strong G10. We have optimized the shape of the fin, to increase the pop of the fin and give it a perfect balance between grip and looseness. The profile of the fin has also been optimized a bit, so the fin has higher performance in both flat and more choppy conditions. We have put it through tests on the computer, to test the surface pressure, and the water flow, and the results are amazing. We now have the prototypes ready, and have added a new blue MS windsurf design to them, for extra style. The fins are cut with CNC-technology in high quality G10 fiberglass, these fins are stiff and super durable. We are planning to further test the fins and the material, to get them ready for production. Our fins are available for preorder now on our webshop. We also have our testers Nicolai Frandsen and Melina Schütt on the water, testing the fin in diffident conditions from flat to choppy water. There first impressions are great, they really like the fin. But more about that in their review, where they will tell more about how the fin works on the water, and what they think of the new fin. stay tuned for more news about the MS-1.