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We are three freestyle windsurfers, with a common passion toward the sport and the community surrounding it. We enjoy every minute we have surfing, and we wish for others to experience this to. Besides surfing we are all studying business administration. We strongly emphasize that ms windsurf products must be of high quality and functionality without compromising competitive prices, despite the higher variable costs.


We want to support and help the growth of the sport, and to create products which allows our fellow windsurfers to keep improving their skills.



Our main purpose is to create products which helps our customers develop their windsurfing skills.



Windsurfing is our passion. We love every bit of it, the feeling, the freedom, and the community it gives.


Meet Our Staff

Olivia Marica

Simon Kristensen

Accounting Manager

Simon Kristensen is our accounting manager, and is responsible for the external accounting of the company. He is also part of the production team, and the developing team.


Nicolai Frandsen

Marketing and Sales Manager

Nicolai Frandsen is our Sales and Marketing manager, responsible for the marketing and sale of MS windsurf products. He is also a team sailor assigned to testing equipment.


Mathias Schütt

Managing director

Mathias Schütt is our CEO, he is responsible for the internal accounting. He is also our production manager and important part of the developing team.